Fishing In Costa Rica And Some Tips

Costa Rica provides fishing opportunities along its Gulf and Pacific coasts. If you’re looking for big fishes, especially marlin, the Pacific coast would be ideal. Country Gulf waters offer a good amount of fish varieties such as tuna and sailfish; anglers would be more satisfied in this part of the country’s coast. Several packages are available that merge fishing trips and lodgings. The following are a few options:

Osa Resort Club

The Osa Resort Club package combines fishing and lodging, which is provided at the firm’s Eco Lodge – a private reserve spanning 165 acres. The place can only be accessed by boat. For fishing, there’s a sportfishing vessel, with a first mate and an experienced captain onboard. For Costa Rica offshore fishing, visitors may focus on catching sailfish, marlin, tuna, or dorado, based on the season.

Fishermen could choose to troll with conventional tackle, mullet, dead bait, bait, and switch, or ballyhoo and mackerel. Visitors could also try their hands at fly fishing for tuna, marlin, sailfish, or dorado, or live bait fishing to trap giant yellowfin tuna. The fishing package comprises all transportation, lodgings, food, crew and fuel, gear and fishing licenses. Liquor, gratuities and airfare aren’t part of the package.

Costa Rica Fishing Pros

Costa Rica Fishing Pros offers a weekend long package that starts with flying into San Jose. Post spending the night at the hotel, travelers exit early morning the next day for a Barra del Colorado airstrip trip. The place is a nature reserve that spans 400,000 acres. Visitors spend time at a lodge. The fishing starts after having settled in the place. The top catches comprise tarpon and snook. You can fish till lunch, and start fishing again post afternoon supper.

There’s fishing for a total of five days. The guests are given the option of where and what to fish. They could also opt for the Atlantic Ocean for its tuna, wahoo, mahi-mahi, or sailfish. On the seventh day, visitors return to San Jose before having one last breakfast while in Barra del Colorado. The package comprises San Jose Airport pickup and all transportation on ground, a private flight to and from Barra del Colorado, meals, accommodation, laundry, fishing, and all licenses and equipment. San Jose hotel costs aren’t included.

Costa Rica Fishing

The Costa Rica Fishing package is a blend of a 5-star resort stay, with fishing on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Fishing gear and crew assistance is part of the package, along with lodging and fishing. Pacific waters are known for their big fishes. People looking for big catches won’t be disappointed, as a result. As per Costa Rica Fishing, catching 10 to 20 big fishes in a day is not impossible. Sailfish is a popular catch, along with marlin.

Fishing Trip Tips

• Take a local onboard when planning your trip. Local experts can help you plan your expeditions properly.

• Talk to your potential travel agent or captain. For a good fishing experience, the right vessel is fundamental. Get to know about ideal fishing periods and the popular catches for different seasons. If you talk to the owner of the fishing trip, you would probably get to hear only the good things about fishing in Costa Rica. It’s only when you talk to people at ground level, you touch base with reality.

• Price should not be your only determinant. Fishing is usually expensive in almost all parts of the world. The experience is costly as there are several variables involved such as bait, fuel, tackle, maintenance, etc. This is why different boats may look the same but not have the same pricing. Usually, top boats are the most expensive. In case you believe paying more would fetch you a richer experience, you cannot be further wrong. Paying top money may get you the most comfortable or premium boats, but the fishing experience could still be bland or not as memorable as you would have liked it to be. Fortunately, a local expert would help you traverse these muddy waters too!

• Associate with an agency that specializes in fishing, such as Costa Rica SportFishing Tours: An agency doesn’t own hotels or boats. But it can provide complete unbiased opinions on fishing locations, captains, and boats, opportune time of travel, etc. Long story short, they would ensure your fishing adventure turns out successful.

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