Tips For Fishing In Costa Rica

If you’re heading onto the waters of Costa Rica for some sports fishing or angling, you should have some level of fishing experience and exposure. Fishing in Costa Rica is not difficult or much different from fishing in other parts of the world. However, the Costa Rica fishing scene may not necessarily be what you’re used to back home, so knowing the basics would help a great deal.


When spooling a casting or spinning reel using braided line, ensure the spooled line is extremely tight. Otherwise, the larger saltwater fishes would pull fast and hard, which would cause the line to self-dig on the spool. If this happens, the line could spool-bind, which would make the drag useless.

Metal Pliers

Carry some top-quality aluminum or stainless steel pliers with cutters. There are several different brands that make quality pliers designed to endure saltwater exposure. So don’t worry about options; you’ll have plenty. By the way, you will also need bait/filleting knives and braid scissors packed in.

Polarized Sunglasses

The ocean water glare could be inconvenient and also cause major obstacles to your fishing. Moreover, constant glaring could potentially damage your eyes. A good polarized sunglasses pair would not only safeguard your eyes from the harsh light but also cut out the ultraviolet light, which would make it easier to see fishes under the ocean surface.

Proper Rinsing After Fishing

It’s recommended to rinse off your reels, rods, tools, lures, etc. the next day after your fishing outing. Saltwater could hurt your equipment’s effectiveness and durability. It’s, therefore, better to wash your fishing tools once you’re done catching your favorite sea creatures. There are some anglers who bathe with their fishing tools, not because they have a strange fetish for their tools but because that’s convenient and it also helps save water.

Sun Protection

Take your sunblock with you. Costa Rica is a hot country and the sun can get extremely harsh at times, especially mid-day. Since Costa Rican climate could be a bit different from what you experience back home, buy sunscreen lotions and creams locally. These sun safety solutions are uniquely designed, keeping the Costa Rican weather in mind. Moreover, these are waterproof solutions that can withstand the heavy rains that may come pouring down anytime when in Costa Rica.


Fishing is not just about the catch itself but capturing the memories too. So take a camera along. Don’t carry heavy camera equipment or a camera with a slippery body. Moreover, you don’t need the most expensive or advanced cameras for the purpose. Even a point and shoot camera would do fine. But for best quality pictures, it’s recommended you have an entry-level or mid-range DSLR or an advanced point and shoot. Since you’ll capture most of the pictures on the boat, you won’t have any lighting issues. So flash and other camera accessories may not be needed.

Local Assistance

It’s always recommended to take a local fishing expert onboard your fishing trip in Costa Rica. The expert won’t just spill the beans on the right fishing techniques but would also throw light on the right time and places to fish in Costa Rica and what catches to look forward to.

Best Time to Fish

Usually, fishing in Costa Rica is ideal throughout the year. However, in specific months, you may find certain species of fish being in abundance compared to other varieties. The exact details may vary based on the place you’re fishing in Costa Rica. Remember, Costa Rica is not the biggest country in the world, but there still is quite a lot of diversity to its waters.

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